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Minecraft Server

mscs aktualisieren im Ordner /home/minecraft/mscs das Kommando

git pull
make update

und guck hier:

Command Reference

All commands below assume that you are running them as either the minecraft user or as root (through sudo).

Note: If the script is run as the root user, all important server processes will be started using the minecraft user instead for security purposes.

mscs [option]
* start [world] - Start the Minecraft world server.  Start all worlds by default.
* stop [world] - Stop the Minecraft world server.  Stop all worlds by default.
* force-stop [world] - Forcibly stop the Minecraft world server. 
                       Forcibly stop all worlds by default.
* restart [world] - Restart the Minecraft world server.  Restart all worlds by default.
* force-restart [world] - Forcibly restart the Minecraft world server.
                          Forcibly restart all worlds by default.
* create [world] [port] [ip] - Create a Minecraft world server.
                               The world name and port must be provided,
                               the IP address is usually blank.
* delete [world] - Delete a Minecraft world server.
* disable [world] - Temporarily disable a world server.
* enable [world] - Enable a disabled world server.
* list [option] - Display a list of worlds.
    Options:  * enabled - Display a list of enabled worlds, default.
              * disabled - Display a list of disabled worlds.
              * running - Display a list of running worlds.
              * stopped - Display a list of stopped worlds.
* status [world] - Display the status of the Minecraft world server.
                   Display the status of all worlds by default.
* broadcast [command] - Broadcast a command to all running Minecraft world servers.
* send [world] [command] - Send a command to a Minecraft world server.
* logrotate [world] - Rotate the server.log file.
                      Rotate the server.log file for all worlds by default.
* backup [world] - Backup the Minecraft world. Backup all worlds by default.
* list-backups [world] - List the datetime of the backups for the world.
* restore-backup [world] [datetime] - Restore a backup for a world
                                      that was taken at the datetime.
* console [world] - Connect to the Minecraft world server's console.
                    Hit [Ctrl-D] to detach.
* watch [world] - Watch the log file for the Minecraft world server.
* map [world] - Run the Minecraft Overviewer mapping software on the Minecraft world.
                Map all worlds by default.
* update - Update the client and server software packages.
* query [world] - Run a detailed Query on the Minecraft world server.